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Nutritionist Carol Kraus RN MT NNC

“Your suggestions are helpful, practical and easy to implement.” Sandy Mitchell, Youth Rehabilitation Specialist, Mt Shasta, CA

Bombarded with Fads?

Have you ever felt bombarded by all of the latest fads in nutrition? Perhaps you have a friend who feels great on a raw food diet, and yet it clearly doesn’t work for you. Or maybe you’ve tried the Atkins diet, or dabbled in the Blood Type diet, and yet you still feel tired and sluggish.

Why would something work so well for your friend, and yet it doesn’t work for you when you try it?

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“Your treatment cleared the channels of healing energy from my head to my toes and it felt so good! And the neck pain went away.” Marga Filip RN

What is Craniosacral?

Craniosacral is a type of bodywork that uses a very gentle hands-on approach to treat the entire body by freeing up restrictions in the pelvis and sacrum, spine, bones of the skull, and the fascia throughout the body. Craniosacral works on a very deep level and is profoundly relaxing. It is also very effective for relieving jaw pain, headaches, back pain, and much more.

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