GMOs Hidden in Your Supplements

GMO’s are way more pervasive than many of us realize. You might be thinking, ‘well, I buy everything organic and I buy everything at my local health food store, including my supplements, so this can’t apply to me.’

That is what I thought until only a few days ago.

Unfortunately I was wrong. The supplements that are most likely to contain GMOs have bitamin E, vitamin B12, and citric acid. There is a great online resource called the non-GMO Shopping that is available online free of charge. The website is either the Institute for Responsible Technology, or is closely affiliated with the Institute for Responsible Technology.

There is a list of supplement manufacturers who are very careful not to have any GMOs, and that list is very scant indeed. Rainbow Light is committed to keeping their products free of GMOs – and so too is Pure Essence Lab, Sun Chlorella and Nature’s Sunshine.

Solaray has GMOs in their Vitamin E, and other products. So too does Jarrow Formulas, and Source Naturals and Now.  If you really want to avoid GMOs in your food and your supplements, take a close look at the GMO free shopping guide and see if you are consuming anything that is not listed in that guide. Then, as you have time, take a moment or 2 to call the customer service representatives of the manufacturers of the foods or supplements you are taking, and ask if there are any GMO’s in their products.

The customer service representatives at Jarrow, Source Naturals, NOW  and Solaray all told me that they include GMOs in their supplements. When I found that out, just a few days ago, I promptly stopped taking anything that has been made by any of these companies.

Unfortunately, these GMO-laden supplements are commonly found in most natural foods stores all over the US.  Shopping only at your local health food store unfortunately is not enough to protect you and your family from GMOs.  We all need to take a more proactive approach and encourage others to do likewise.

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  1. Emkay Sikora

    Wow, Carol…I had no idea. I’m truly saddened by this news, but grateful to you for getting the word out. Allrighty…I guess it’s time to overhaul my supplement cabinet…
    Many Thanks!